Welcome to the new MHBC website.

Hello and welcome to the new Mount Harmony Baptist Church (MHBC) website. This new website, which is designed by Kris Wysong and powered by squarespace, features many new pages and ways to connect with the church, its members, and visitors. 

Some of the new features of this new website include: 

  • Pages for Missions work and related events
  • A special events page with detailed event information 
  • A news/blog page with the latest information 
  • Redesigned messages page for audio and video sermons 
  • Redesigned directions page for both MHBC and MH2 locations 
  • Mobile friendly design and interface 
  • Traffic metrics to help gauge website traffic, referrers, and popular content 
  • Search functionality 
  • Multiple contributors allow the website to be used by different church leaders 
  • Password protected pages that can be used by specific church groups/ministries 
  • Surveys to gauge the success of various church operations 
  • Easy file sharing such as PDFs, excel spreadsheets, and more 
  • Modern design that helps us compete with other churches 

I hope that this website will serve MHBC well for many years to come and I look forward to seeing how it can help MHBC and others grow in their walk with Jesus Christ.

Kris Wysong