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It is estimated that there are five million "over the road" Truckers in America today. The days and weeks spent away from friends and family are filled with loneliness. Truckers face many frustrations and temptations on the road: drugs, alcohol, sex, and the pressure of being bombarded with DOT and company regulations. There is fear, frustration, hurt, and strife in relationships, whether with Christ or family. 

For this reason, Joe and Jan Hunter followed God's call in 1981 and began Truckstop Ministries, Inc. (TMI) - going literally to the highways in order to minister. 

As a trans-denominational ministry seeking to partner with the local church, it is our intent to reach all Truck Drivers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, regardless of their spiritual, religious, or denominational background. TMI accomplishes this by meeting them at the point of their need spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, and by encouraging them through basic discipleship, fellowship, and spiritual guidance. 

Our goal is to see every Trucker accept Christ as Savior and for each of them to have a place to worship. 

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